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We spread the positive influence of Capoeira

Our mission is to utilize Capoeira to both counteract childhood obesity and provide a quality martial arts program to all children but particularly low-income, at-risk youth, and children with special needs. We aspire to empower children to make positive lifestyle decisions by instilling confidence and self-control all within a positive and nurturing environment.

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  • Capoeira for Tomorrow is a non-profit organization that helps bring the art of Capoeira to primarily children and teenagers of low-income families, homeless shelters, and community centers. The positive influence of Capoeira will help combat childhood obesity, promote anti-bullying, build confidence and character, and help keep children off the streets by providing a positive extra-curricular activity.

  • The objective is to empower children to make positive lifestyle decisions by instilling self-belief and personal-integrity through various activities including: Capoeira, nutrition and health guidance, and education importance. The root, of Capoeira for Tomorrow’s motive, stems from an aspiration of helping children understand and focus on their full potential as individuals to build a better tomorrow.

  • Capoeira for Tomorrow will work hand-in-hand with its sister entity, Capoeira Brazilian Pelourinho (CBP). CBP is owned by Capoeira Master, Lazaro Santos. He has been teaching Capoeira in Orlando for more than seventeen years and has worked extensively with an array of cultural and children organizations to promote a healthy and culturally enriching art.

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Our Programs

Aiding at-risk youth with our programs.


Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian Martial Art that combines dance, music, and acrobatic movement. This highly expressive martial art was created by enslaved Africans who were taken to Brazil to work on sugar cane plantations during the 17th century. As an attempt to gain freedom, they practiced fighting and hunting movements learned in Africa but disguised them in dance, accompanied by song and percussion instruments, to fool the guards and masters. Many slaves attained their freedom by using capoeira as a fighting style, and it was outlawed in Brazil for several decades. When the ban was lifted, capoeira quickly became Brazil’s second national sport, surpassed only by soccer, and spread around the world.

Capoeira exercises not only the body but the mind as well. History, music, and language are taught from the very first class, creating a balance between physical strength and mental power. We strive to build students who are well rounded and possess integrity, confidence, and self-respect.

Initiative: After School Capoeira

Through donation and grant funding, After School Capoeira will provide at-risk youth from economically under-resourced areas with a weekly Capoeira program. Each school day, children participating in the program, will be picked up from school and will be brought to the capoeira academy. The children will be in a positive and nurturing environment where they will partake in the following daily routine:

  1. Be Provided with a Healthy Snack
  2. Homework and Study Time (with staff available to help)
  3. Capoeira Class
  4. Parent Pickup

Initiative: Summer Camp Capoeira

Through donation and grant funding, the Summer Camp Capoeira program will provide at-risk youth from economically under-resourced areas with a weekly Capoeira program. This program is divided into weekly sessions that offer safe and excitement-filled days where children experience the art of Capoeira and all the benefits it has to offer. Capoeira classes will be supplemented by a variety of other fun activities to give your child a complete summer vacation. Parents will have the peace of mind knowing that their children are having fun, making good use of their time, and staying healthy from the various forms of exercise they will enjoy. By the end of summer, the campers will be more fit, strong, focused, and respectful with better life-skills and self-confidence.

Initiative: Capoeira around the Block

The Capoeira around the Block program takes place after school, once a week, in 6-week sessions. At the end of each session, the children and their families will be invited to the capoeira academy for a graduation ceremony, and will be able to demonstrate to their parents all they have learned. Capoeira around the Block is our program that takes place outside the main training facility. This program will be brought to schools, community centers, and homeless shelters.

Capoeira around the Block will focus on four areas: martial art movements, acrobatics, music, and history. All lesson plans adhere to Sunshine State Standards. During the lessons, the children will also learn life skills such as respect, discipline, confidence, friendship, and the importance of living a healthy life style.

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